May 16-17, 2014
Opening Reception During Manifest May 16, 2014

Showing together throughout multiple venues/locations, graduating seniors of the Art+Design Department showcase work representative of their accomplishments. Work exhibited represents the following programs:  Advertising Art Direction, Art History, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Architecture, and Product Design.

Viewed concurrently at C33 Gallery (33 E. Congress Parkway), The A+D Gallery (619 S. Wabash Avenue),  Rm 203, The Hokin Gallery (623 S. Wabash) and lobby of 623 S. Wabash.

Participating Artists & Designers:

BA, Art + Design: David Bremer

BA, Art + Design: Maria Cruz

BA, Art + Design: Jazmin Dua    

BA, Art + Design: Skylar Dunn-Lubin            

BA, Art + Design: Athena Mayo       

BA, Art + Design: Sam Porter  

BA, Art + Design: Brittany Walker   

BA, Graphic Design: Maren Fiorelli

BFA, Graphic Design:  Jen Gamboa   

BFA, Graphic Design: Madeline Hennelly   

BFA, Interior Architecture: Ellen Duperon                                                                               

BFA, Interior Architecture: Martika Bertucci                                 

BFA, Interior Architecture: Samantha Marie King    

BFA, Interior Architecture: Shannon Hallberg

BFA, Fine Art: Ashley Kersey   

BFA, Fine Art: Marika Ratkeviciute                                                                                        

BFA, Fine Art: Diana Zabielaite         

BFA, Graphic Design: Matthew Harmon

BFA, Graphic Design: Bryan Hunter      

BFA, Advertising Art Direction: Lindsay Witte

BFA, Product Design: Mike Herbert                        


Exhibition Contact: Cassandra Troyan / / 312-369-6856