Fall Exhibitions, 2014

October 30, 2014 - February 13, 2015

The Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces is pleased to announce its C33 Gallery fall student exhibitions:

October 30 - November 14
Sid Branca: The Next Great American Pop Icon Will Spring Fully Formed From The Head of Zeus
Opening Reception: November 6, 5-7pm

Sid Branca's work exists at the intersection of pop culture, classical tragedy, and fictionalized autobiography, drawing on their parallels in a pastiche-driven practice. Her current line of inquiry is a body of work framed as the creative output and documentation of a fictional pop star, Elektra, inspired by both the pantheon of popular music icons and the tragedies of classical Greece. The Next Great American Pop Icon Will Spring Fully Formed From The Head Of Zeus will be a durational, sculptural performance through which Branca will develop this character: how she dresses, does her hair, paints her face, carries her body, speaks, sings, dances, poses, writes, breathes, thinks. This performative sketching process will be constantly filmed and reviewed as she manipulates herself as live sculpture, using costume, set, prop, makeup, movement, and sound.

November 20 - December 5 
Traci Fowler: the love that let us share our name
Opening Reception: November 20, 5-7pm

the love that let us share our name is an investigation into ideas of family, domestic value, and the relationship and tension between décor and necessity. Finding a balance between authentic and constructed memory, placeholders for furniture and childhood objects live in a home existing somewhere between decoration and functionality.

December 11 - December 19
JJ McLuckie: Deviating from Reality
Opening Reception: December 11, 5-7pm

When one is in a constant state of sleep deprivation the mind begins to wander away from the real world quite often. This can also lead to hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and hyperactivity. We are all bombarded with a constant influx of pop media culture. A cocktail of these effects paired with the subconscious influences of the world around can lead to a distorted view on reality. While some may reject these daily nightmares and devious views on reality, this is the result of embracing it. 
Deviating From Reality focuses on the dark paintings, drawings, and costumes that result from living in a world that exists just beyond the borders of reality. Many of the inspirations for work come from the idea that nothing is either inherently good or evil, but that everyone contains both. Therefore, it’s just a matter of finding out how much disturbance is needed to break down the walls of sanity.

January 8 - January 23

Studio Mosaic Collective: Everything's For Sale
Opening Reception, January 16, 4-6pm

Everything’s for Sale is a collaborative, multi-media installation by Chicago art collective, Studio Mosaic. The exhibit portrays how one's youthful dreams can be lost along the road towards professional achievement. The gallery space invites viewers to contemplate works that question some of today's most pressing concerns. How does capitalism push an artist to sell out, buy in, and lose faith? How does corporatism affect the creative community? And what would businesses look like if the world economy promoted sustainable culture over consumerism? This Studio Mosaic project responds to how each of us make decisions about what we have, what we value, and what should be for sale.

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C33 Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting student exhibitions from all of Columbia College Chicago's academic departments.  As the only open submission exhibition space where students can exhibit their own work, C33 Gallery offers a venue for students to push their creative practices while giving them valuable exhibition experience. Selected exhibitions receive support from gallery staff, multiple resources and a stipend for material expenses and reception costs.

Submissions for the gallery are accepted each semester for the following semester.  We are currently accepting proposals for Spring 2015

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