Pulp, Ink, Thread


February 2 - 20, 2016

Reception: Feb 9, 5-7pm

Pulp, Ink, Thread is the graduate collective of Interdisciplinary Book, Paper, and Print MFA students. In this graduate program, books are sewn and covered by hand, text is set letter-by-letter, and clothes are beaten down to become paper. Coming from varied music, design, activist, and traditional craft backgrounds, the artists included in the show make work that differs visually and conceptually, but is based in the same techniques of hand skill and high craft. Whether the work was made by meticulously setting words out of mirrored lead type or by embedding objects into handmade paper destined to become a sculpture, each piece has been made with a high degree of conceptual intention and a consideration for the viewer.

This exhibition showcases the fluidity of the media utilized in the Center for Book, Paper, and Print studios, located on the second floor of 1104 S. Wabash. The incredible versatility and relevance of book and paper arts in the 21st Century is exemplified by the work of the graduate students. As a three-year master’s program, students explore not only the physical aspects of creating professional work, but also create a conceptually focused thesis to culminate their degree. The Master’s Thesis show is installed in May of each year in the CBPPA gallery. Undergraduate courses taught by faculty and graduate students are offered in Papermaking, Book Arts, and Letterpress each semester. Undergraduates who are interested in the techniques shown in the gallery are encouraged to register for these classes regardless of their major.

Pulp, Ink, Thread was curated and organized by the Interdisciplinary Book, Paper, and Print MFA students.

Artists: Hannah Batsel, Mary Clare Butler, Ruby Figueroa, Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, Chris Flynn, Ian Kerstetter, Woody Leslie, Charles Long, Kelly Schmidt, and Jisun Shim. 

For Exhibition Information: Mark Porter/312-369-6643/mporter@colum.edu