Ludvig Peres

Ludvig Perés

Because photography is a medium wholly tied to the visual objective world, Perés seeks to push the objectivity of photography into nonobjectivity by abstracting our reality. By only leaving primary geometric forms, reducing colors to black and white, and using only light and lines to distort the space in which it resides, Perés creates a slate free from preconceptions, where, like a mirror reflecting our emotions, nothing but feelings can be perceived.

0.30 is a virtual art exhibition that can be accessed on Artsteps.
To view the exhibition please click here.

DEPS is proud to present the first volume in the DEPS Artist Profile Series featuring Columbia undergraduate photography major Ludvig Peres.
Please click on the link below to view an interactive document featuring images created by Ludvig Peres and an interview conducted by Kaylee Fowler.
DEPS Artist Profile Series, Volume One, Ludvig Peres

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