Gaspilleur Studio

June 10 – September 23, 2021
Gallery Hours: Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Capacity of gallery is 10 visitors and masks are required. 

Featuring the work of 2020 Pougialis Award winners iph and Victoria Lahowitz, Gaspilleur Studio is a reaction to the commodification of art and fashion in a capitalist society.

The gallery will serve as both an installation and creative center where, in collaboration, the artists deconstruct and reimagine what a traditional gallery space is by using it as a site for art-making and performance to showcase the process and the existence of “an artist.”  The artists in the show commodify trash and “unusable” materials, taking this excessive waste fueled by mass production and capitalism, and giving it value in the high art and fashion industries. Extending beyond the physical the work in this show utilizes all avenues of distribution for art. Throughout the show’s duration, the artists will extend their collaboration by inviting other artists who explore similar ideas around consumption and waste within the art and fashion world, to create exclusive pieces.

The Pougialis Fine Art award is a yearly competition, sponsored by the Art & Art History Department, that offers promising fine art students at Columbia College Chicago an opportunity to study as an apprentice with an established artist of national and international standing for one semester, a cash award, and a two- person exhibition.



iph is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance, incorporating movement throughout a multitude of media. They currently live in Chicago, Illinois, and work in live performance, video, sculpture, installation, sound, printmaking, and writing. Their practice is as much critique and theory-based as it is self-expression, for everything exists all at the same time, and there is no separation.

Victoria Lahowitz is a multidisciplinary artist creating works around ideas of absurdity and abjection. Drawn to unconventional ways of creating, they reappropriate the ideas, imagery, and objects they find to uncover and create new meanings in the world around them. 


Gaspilleur Studio: Working Sessions
10:30am-5pm Every Tuesday and Thursday, In gallery window space 

Watch the artists perform and work in the window of C33 Gallery. These sessions will be live-streamed on  

Exhibition contact: Mark Porter,