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Pat Elifritz

Exhibition: Dwelling
Gallery: C33 Gallery
Exhibition dates: September 6 - October 19, 2011

Dwelling Installation Image


How did you find out about DEPS?
Through exhibitions at the Glass Curtain Gallery, and eventually by working for them as an exhibition assistant.

How long before the opening of your exhibition did you begin planning?
The proposal process began in October of 2010, and after being notified of acceptance in December I began planning heavily.

What inspired your vision for your exhibition?
I wanted to assemble a show that expanded and reinforced work by three artists in particular: Austin Swearengin, Carrie Schneider and Anna Katherine Peters.

What was the hardest part about curating your exhibition?
Keeping the number of artists and amount of work to a manageable scale. The ideas explored in the show were pretty broad and a lot of really exciting artwork seemed fitting. So the limits of available space required me to focus and assemble a clear and concise group of artists.

What was your favorite/most rewarding part about curating your exhibition?
Corresponding with artists. A number of great conversations occurred throughout the planning process, many on the themes of the exhibition and a few tangents as well.

Has this experienced helped to further your artistic or professional artistic career? If yes, how so?
Of course. I enjoyed mounting a show start to finish, but all of the research, communication and collaboration that went into it was really informative.

What accomplishments, artistically or professionally, have you done since your exhibition?
I continue to organize and assist with exhibitions, and write reviews from time to time.

What is your best advice to other students who want to curate an exhibition?
Plan ahead, give yourself time to reflect on your ideas. What is exciting now may look different to you a few weeks later. So if you start early, you have more time to add, subtract, edit, and so on.

What advice could you give about balancing a busy schedule with work, school etc and curting an exhibition?
Just stay in touch with the people you are working with. If you keep everyone informed and plan ahead, there will somehow be time to do everything.

For more information about Dwelling, visit our exhibition archive.

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