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Event Planning Checklist

  1. Check Space Availability
    You can check for space availability through the Space Scheduler.

    2. Request Space and Resources
    After checking availability, login to the Space Scheduler and put in a request for the space, as well as the resources you need.  Students can login using their Columbia ID. Faculty and Staff use their network logins.  Please contact Space & Scheduling at  space.colum.edu or (312) 369-3290 for any questions regarding use of the software system, EMS.  


Students: individual students, student organizations or faculty sponsored student events are limited to TWO performance events per semester. Considerations for recurring meetings will be made on a case-by-case basis. Contact Matt Medwecky for additional questions at mmedwecky@colum.edu

All students must be working in conjunction with a faculty member, academic department, or official student organization when requesting a space on campus. Students acting independently of a student organization or requesting space as part of a class must have faculty or staff support.  The following form must be completed and returned to the DEPS Events Coordinator a minimum of 4 weeks prior the event date: Faculty and Staff Event Support Agreement Form. Note: This form does not need to be filled out by any recognized student organization for events.

Alumni: Alumni must be working in-conjunction with the Office of Alumni Relations to submit a space request. Alumni are subject to the same procedures as external organizations. For more information, please contact Space & Scheduling at  space@colum.edu or (312) 369-3290.  Join the alumni network to receive full benefits.

External organizations: External organizations must be partnered with, or have the approval of, an academic department, administrative department, or student organization.  Rental fees may apply and a certificate of insurance will be required. All events in DEPS spaces, including those involving external organizations, MUST be free and open to current Columbia students. Click here to access the Event Rental Request Form.  For more information on Non-College events, please contact Space & Scheduling at space@colum.edu or (312) 369-3290.

Space requests should include as much information as possible, including:

Your event is not booked until you receive a confirmation from the DEPS Events & Space Manager.

  1. Once your event is scheduled, additional event planning steps may include:

Building Hours
DEPS spaces are all subject to the hours of the buildings in which they are located.  All events must be completed and all event organizers and attendees out of the building by the scheduled building closing time.  Check here to view current building hours

Building hours can be extended with 3 weeks advance notice.  There is a fee.  To extend building hours, visit the college's Event Management System.

Your event may require additional security, especially if a large crowd is expected.  To arrange for additional security, visit the college's Event Management System. 3 weeks advance notice is required and a fee is charged.

If you will be serving food, Building Services needs to be informed for the proper trash removal, recycling, and composting.  Click here to make 360 Request regarding trash and recycling needs:

Technical Needs

For the 2023-2024 academic year the tech fees and policies for DEPS spaces are as follows:

Important Regulations For DEPS Facilities:


Why might your event be denied?