Event & Performance Spaces


HAUS, located within the Quincy Wong Center for Artistic Expression

623 S Wabash Ave, first floor


HAUS, a multi-purpose space located within the Quincy Wong Center for Artistic Expression, functions both as a hangout and study area for students as well as an events space.  The room has a small stage and backstage area and was recently renovated to have a nightclub feel.  HAUS is best suited for concerts, comedy acts, and readings.


Maximum 178 people




Space Features

Space Regulations

HAUS is an open space for students at all times.  DEPS does not block the space off for rehearsals, soundchecks, or private events.  Please keep in mind that members of the Columbia community may witness any activities that are planned in this space and that DEPS will not approve requests to block off the space for privacy.   

Building Hours

HAUS is subject to the normal building hours of 623 S. Wabash.  Please check online for the most up to date building hours. 

Booking Information

haus stage

haus stage

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