The Mythical Being of Desire

Exhibition Dates: June 27 - July 26, 2003

The Center of Asian Arts and Media and the Glass Curtain Gallery proudly present the art of Shirin Neshat (Iran), Shahzia Sikander (Pakistan), and Chiho Aoshima (Japan) in The Mythical Being of Desire. This group exhibit explores the cultural and sexual conflict, resistance, misrepresentation and exploitation that result from the distance between genders which creates separation among human beings. All three artists directly or indirectly address the conditions and perceptions of women both within and outside of their respective societies and the community at large through the traditions and cultures of their birthplaces.

Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat creates eloquent black and white narratives that address issues pertaining to Islamic culture, in particular the traditional gender roles in the patriarchal, fundamentalist society of post-revolutionary Iran. Shahzia Sikander transforms the genre of Indo-Persian miniature paintings by juxtaposing contemporary forms with the miniatures to create fantasies that combine art historical, mythological, religious, and personal imagery. Chiho Aoshima combines the techniques of computer-based digital illustration, the aesthetics of Japanese manga and anime, and the stylistic conventions of the 18th Century Japanese prints to create a whimsical world of doe-eyed girls, hybridized nature, and candy-colored landscapes that is not so cute or innocent but seductive.