The Wall and The Page: Drawings and Installation by Amy Rathbone and Brad Brown

Exhibition Dates: November 10 - December 16, 2005

Glass Curtain Gallery is delighted to bring together the intriguing work of two master visual and conceptual artists.

Amy Rathbone combines installation and works on paper. She uses familiar objects—wire, steel wool, sandbags, gouache and graphite—to explore line, extremes in scale, and 2D versus 3D space. Rathbone insinuates these materials into the walls, columns, and corners of the gallery in a playful challenge to our everyday relationship with interior space.

Since 1987 Brad Brown has been marking, tearing, taping, pasting, stepping and spilling on his drawings on paper, all the while amassing thousands of pieces in a body of work he calls "the Look Stains." These works on paper— are the accumulations of Brown's exploration into process, time, chance, marking and refusal of closure.