Dis/Believer: Intersections of Science and Religion in Contemporary Art

Exhibition Dates: November 16, 2009 - February 13, 2010

Dis/Believer gives focus to contemporary artists who engage in idea and moments when science and religion intersect. The concept is inspired by the ever-deepening conflict surrounding the reconciliation of scientific theory and spiritual faith, due to an explosive rebirth of religious fundamentalism and rivaling exponential discoveries in science. Debates on the compatibility of the natural and supernatural are raging in many forms of media and often feature scientist versus theologian, fundamentalist against atheist, and evolutionist opposed to creationist. The resulting dialogue is illuminating divisive and exhilarating.

Visual artists are grappling with this concern and expanding the discourse in provocative and enlightening directions. Dis/Believer gathers a diverse selection of media in a conversation that spans from the origins of life to ethics in biotechnology, and from predictions of apocalypse to technology's role in faith. The grouping of artists offers a fresh and fascinating perspective on the complex debate of science and religion.

Curated by: Neysa Page-Lieberman

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