Exhibition Dates: September 8 - October 30, 2009

New technologies and innovative use of traditional media have changed the ways in which we view the body. From the Sims to Facebook to Youtube, our lives are inundated with new interpretations of, and uses for, figurative representation. RE:figure will explore the common ground between new and old media representation. The exhibition will feature artists working in a diverse range of media, such as video game screen captures, photography, sculpture, collage, and drawing. The works will show a range of body types, as well as explore different relationships between the artists and his or her subject.

Edna Dapo, Barbara DeGeneveive, Don Doe, Robert Flynt, Ashley Hope, Jenny Kindler, Sabrina Raaf, Jason Salavon, Betsy Schneider, Amber Hawk Swanson, Stacia Yeapanis and Su-en Wong.

Curated by: Cole Robertson