Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source

September 6- November 3, 2012

Reception September 6, 5-8pm.  Part of ColumbiaCrawl

Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source is a glimpse into the ever-expanding spectrum of contemporary new media artists. The exhibit features works by a cast of tinkerers, hackers and inventors utilizing and re-contextualizing technologies to create works of art that are seemingly alive.
In the vein of the DIY and open source movements, Machinations elucidates the magic behind the machine. As educators and active participants of these communities, the artists of Machinations share the results of experimentations through online forums, workshops, customizable software and reproducible designs. This collection of works is an investigation of experimentalists who share and create with a communal spirit and change our perception of what is possible by using technology as an extension of the human hand.
Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source is curated by Mark Porter.

Participating Artists:

Daniel Jay Bertner, Jeremy Boyle, Stephen Cartwright, Paul Catanese, Paul Granjon, Theo Jansen, Joseph Morris, Anat Pollack, Chris Reilly, Randy Sarafan, Pencil Studios (Sabrina Raaf and Travis Saul)  

The Research Lab, intended to be a source of information relating to new media artists, DIY’ers, hackers and electronics experimentalists features work by the following artists: Arthur Ganson, Taylor Hokanson and Chris Reilly, Joseph Kramer, Steven Laurie, Ryan Rasmussen, Elizabeth Rossiter and Tom O'Keeefe and Connor Peterson

Exhibition Programing:

September 6: DIYLILCNC Demonstration Art and Design faculty member Taylor Hokanson, will demonstrate his invention, the DIYLILCNC machine, an open-source design for a computer numerical control milling machine. 5-8pm.

October 5:  Book Launch/Gallery Reception Join us for a reception to celebrate the launch of Post-Digital Printmaking: CNC, Traditional and Hybrid Techniques, a ground breaking book co-authored by Interdisciplinary Arts Department Associate Professor Paul Catanese. 5-7pm

October 2 -23: DIYLILCNC Machine Building Workshop with Taylor Hokanson Faculty member, artist and inventor Taylor Hokanson will conduct a series of workshops in which participants will have the opportunity to build and operate a DIYLILCNC Machine.

Each session will take place at 5:15-7:00pm at the Conaway Center, directly across from the Glass Curtain Gallery.  TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THE WORKSHOPS PLEASE RSVP TO MPORTER@COLUM.EDU.

Tuesday, October 2
Lecture: Computer-aided fabrication, open authorship and DIY culture
Workshop: First stage of DIYLILCNC construction as a group

Tuesday, October 9
Lecture: Simple 3d modeling
Workshop: Second stage of DIYLILCNC construction as a group. The device will be working by the end of the session

Tuesday, October 23
Workshop: Material carving with DIYLILCNC

In conjunction with Machinations artist/inventor Taylor Hokanson conducted three hands-on DIYLILCNC machine building workshops. We would like to
thank Taylor for his fantastic contributions to the exhibition and his brilliant direction of the completely open-source invention, the DIYLILCNC, a 3 axis cnc mill which can be built by scratch for under $600.For more information, please visit:

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