The Lounge: A Space in Decomposition

February, 26 - April, 2015
Reception: Thursday February 26, 5-8pm

The Lounge: A Space in Decomposition is a site-specific installation by Josue Pellot in collaboration with Rosalin Suero.  The work is based on a conversation and exchange between the artists and the space.  Stylized in the art historical salon tradition, these two contemporary artists intend to encourage both pedagogic and casual dialogue in the physical location of the Hokin Gallery.

Pellot and Suero found inspiration in the contours and eccentricities of the Hokin Gallery's physical space to emphasize its role as an informal gathering place. Derived from research into the gallery's past, present and future the artists utilized their respective studio practices to lay the contrasting histories together.  The resulting installation is grounded by the formal principles of line, color, repetition, contrast and movement as well a featuring new works created to transform viewers' experience of the gallery.

About the Hokin Project: The Hokin Project is a Gallery Management Practicum course, providing a hands-on gallery management, exhibition, curatorial and design experience for students of all amajors.  The Hokin Project breaks traditional boundaries as both a gallery and a student lounge presenting the work of the Columbia College Chicago community through exhibitions, programs and events.  The Hokin Project is a student run collaboration of the Business & Entrepreneurship Department, Student Affairs and the Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces (DEPS).


Bad At Sports Gallery Talk, Mar 5 5:00PM: A discussion with the artist and curator on the exhibitions design and concept lead by Bad At Sports' Duncan MacKenzie.

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