The Field Notebook: Capturing the Creative Process of Art and Science

The Hokin Project Presents: The Field Notebook: Capturing the Creative Process of Art and Science

Notebooks, sketchbooks, and journals provide space for creative minds to record simplicities or wrestle profound complexities. The Field Notebook is an exploration of indivdual creative processes across disciplines. It offers an insight into diverse journeys of observing, inspiring, analyzing, creating, communicating and executing. The exhibition illuminates fascinating links between art and science by showcasing notebooks from current contemporaries and famous individuals alongside the recent work of paleontologist Robin Whatley and her students. 

The Field Notebook explores these links in three sections: Notebooks exhibits the physical manifestation of the creative process across disciplines; The Field documents a 2015 excavation of the Arizona Painted Desert and acts as a connecting catalyst between art and science; and Cabinet of Curiosities stages a production area that invites the Columbia College community to utilize for their creative inspiration. 

We invite you to explore, create, and add to the installation using digital technology or pen and paper. Download the Daqri app on your iPhone or Android. Wherever you see the Hokin Project logo scan it and use augmented reality, developed by David Krause, to see 3-D projections and explore in-depth content. Feel free to use the exhibition for inspiration and to add your own creative contribution.

The Field Notebook was produced by the Hokin Project in collaboration with Robin Whatley, associate professor, Science and Mathematics; and David Krause of Big Works Inc.

Special thanks to: Robert Linkiewicz and the Photography Department, Mark Porter and DEPS, the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art, Field Notes, Gerald Adams, Dave Dolak, Heather Minges Wols, North Park Village Nature Center, and Chicago Rock and Mineral Society.