Post-Human//Future Tense

Reception: November 4, 2010, 5 - 7pm with curators and artists

As we enter an era where humanness isbecoming an antiquated consideration, what will humanism be in the future ofcybernetics, networked communications, artificial media saturation andsynthetic biology? Post-Human//FutureTense explores this concept through the lens of current graduate students,a contingent who has the unique experience of developing their craft alongsidethe current technological push. Through the exploration of where technologicaladvancements and digital progress will take society, Post-Human//Future Tense awakens a deeper understanding of what itmeans to be alive today.

Post-Human//Future Tense featuresmulti-disciplinary and new media works created by national and internationalgraduate students. In addition, new works of scholarship by notable academicsin the field will be presented at the opening reception.

Artists:  Nobutaka Aozaki, Rui Filipe, Antunes Marissa, Benedict Biff Bolen, Douglas Bosley, Micah Bowers, Alfred Dong, Jenny Garnett, Erin Gee, Joshua Johnson, Jason Judd, Andy Mattern, Luis Palacios, Chad Smith, Ben Stagl, Steven Stradley, Mike St. John, Andrew Norman Wilson

Exhibition Jurors: Mel Potter, JasonSalavon, John Manning

Exhibition Contact: Mark Porter/

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