Graduate Diplomas

You will receive a diploma jacket only at the graduation ceremony.

Your actual diploma will be ordered once academic and financial obligations have been satisfied.  Once we have all of your graduation forms on file in our office, the Dean of Graduate Administration and Student Services will audit your degree. 

Once he determines that you have met your degree requirements, he will post your master's degree to your record.  At that point, your degree is official (it will show up on your transcripts).  As soon as you are posted, our office will order your diploma using the name you used on your graduation application.  When your diploma arrives in our office, we will give a call to make arrangements for you to either pick it up or have it sent by certified mail (someone needs to be available to sign for it).  The entire process can be quite lengthy and largely depends on receiving all three forms in a timely manner. 

If there is a change in your mailing address, please make the correction in your OASIS account and be sure to let the Graduate Office know as soon as possible.

Your diploma will have your name, your graduation date and the name of the degree you were awarded at the time (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor or Music). Departments, programs, and concentrations are NOT indicated on the diploma. If you should need it, your official transcript will list more detailed information, including your major, concentration, minor.

THE DIPLOMA MEASURES 10.5" x 9.75" and you can purchase frames from the Columbia Bookstore at 624 S. Michigan or from