Academic Center for Tutoring

The Academic Center for Tutoring provides students from all disciplines, backgrounds, and levels of expertise the opportunity to develop diverse skills and strategies that will enhance their academic success within a safe and inclusive learning environment. Tutoring interactions span a variety of formats and learning environments to meet individual students’ academic demands. Tutors work collaboratively with students to produce knowledge through high-quality individual, small-group and large-group student-centered learning.

Tutoring services are offered in writing, science, math, accounting and finance, foreign language, music theory, audio arts and acoustics, and dance studies. Other services include Peer Academic Coaching which assists students in developing strategies for better time management, study skills, and overall college success planning. Supplemental Instruction is designed to get students who are enrolled in difficult courses working together in peer study groups to develop learning strategies, master course content, and prepare for tests. Students may also take placement testing for math courses in theAcademic Center for Tutoring.