Student Media & Publications

The Columbia Chronicle
The Columbia Chronicle is Columbia’s award-winning, weekly student-run newspaper that publishes every Monday during the fall and spring semester. Read and explore articles in several sections; Campus, Arts & Culture, Sports, Health, Technology, City and Opinions. Pick up a copy in the lobby of any Columbia building and visit our website daily for original content and updates at;

Echo Magazine
Echo Magazine is the Journalism Department’s award-winning magazine focused on the arts and media in Chicago. The magazine is written, edited, and designed by current students.

Frequency TV
Frequency TV (FTV) is the canvas of work produced by students of the Television Department. Staffed by advanced level students, FTV produces original programs and assists with several television courses in the production of dramas, news pieces, talk shows, reality shows, and beyond.

Hair Trigger
Hair Trigger features work by visiting artists to the Fiction Writing Department as well as the best student fiction submitted to the anthology. Hair Trigger is edited and produced by students in the Fiction Writing Department and features award-winning graduate and undergraduate work. Issues are available for purchase in the Columbia bookstore.

WCRX 88.1 FM is Columbia’s student-run educational radio station dedicated to embodying professional, ethical, and legal standards while promoting a leadership experience for its students and providing broadcasting services to the Columbia campus and surrounding communities in Cook County.