Columbia Student Email

Microsoft Office 365 is the official student email of Columbia College. All official Columbia email communication will be delivered via Office 365. It is important that students check their accounts regularly. Registration information, billing information, financial aid information, an all-student newsletter, and server targeted newsletters are available for students to receive each month. This information can be located in your Office 365 Outlook inbox.

 Logging in to Office 365 Email 

  1. Visit the login page at Enter your username, which will be:, and click next. Example: 
  2. Enter your temporary password, which will be your capital first name initial, lowercase last name initial, and 6-digit date of birth (FIMMDDY). If you use a first name other than your legal name, then your email will reflect the first initial of that name. Example: Pat Smith born April 2, 1999 would have an initial password of Ps040299. 
  3. If this is your first logon, the next step will take you to the screen to change your password prior to giving you access. 
  4. Your email address will follow the format of first name initial and last name @ Note that this is different than your username. 

You can watch a step by step guide for signing in to your account at; 

You may also view Office 365 training resources at technology.