Graduation Audit and Posting of Degrees

Students must complete an online application for graduation from the Graduation Application link on the Students tab in OASIS. The application should be submitted one calendar year before the expected graduation date. (For example, if a student intends to graduate at the close of the spring 2017 semester, he or she should submit his or her graduation application in the spring 2016 semester). Once all the grades are submitted for the semester the student indicated on their graduation application, a final audit will be completed. The student will then be notified via their loop email account on whether or not they have completed all degree requirements. Students who have completed all their requirements will then have their degree posted.

Once the degree is posted, the transcript of a student’s academic record will not be changed. Attendance at the commencement ceremony does not constitute degree completion or graduation. The diploma and official transcript cannot be issued until all financial obligations to the college are settled.