Health Center

Columbia’s Student Health Center can accommodate many of its students’ basic health needs. A physician or nurse practitioner is available to provide outpatient clinical evaluation, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, and evaluation and triage/referral for more serious illnesses and injuries. Illness prevention measures, such as immunizations and flu vaccines, are available periodically. In the case of more serious health concerns, the Student Health Center can serve as a resource that helps direct students to more appropriate health care. Students pay a student health center fee each semester, which helps fund the Student Health Center’s services. Students do not incur any additional costs for their visits, except for vaccines. Call (312) 369-6830 to make an appointment or visit for a complete list of services and the current hours of operation.

Due to the  current pandemic situation, hours are now 11AM – 3PM, Monday through Friday.  We will not have “Walk-In” hours until this crisis has eased.  You must call and answer several questions before you visit the office. Telehealth service is available.