Counseling Services

Students must make their own appointments at Counseling Services. We do not allow others to make appointments for students.

For initial appointments with Counseling Services, students can call 312-369-8700 to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with a therapist. In most situations students will speak with a therapist within 24 hours, schedules permitting.

Free Services

Counseling Services are provided free of charge. Services include individual, couple, and group therapy for students. Therapists are also available for workshops and presentations on a variety of mental health issues.

Counselors can offer assistance to students who are experiencing any of the following: depression, anxiety, mood swings, fearfulness, thoughts of suicide or homicide, poor concentration, recent loss of a loved one or significant other, troubled or abusive relationships, nervousness or tension, poor body image, difficulty adjusting to college life, low self-esteem, and substance abuse.

Counseling Services is unable to provide court mandated treatment of any kind. Students in need of these services will be provided community referrals.


All currently enrolled students are eligible to receive services. Counseling Service provides students with 12 free individual counseling sessions per academic year. Group therapy sessions are unlimited.


The office of Counseling Services is committed to helping students reach their highest academic and personal potential. Our aim is to help students fulfill their educational goals with minimal distractions. We realize that students might encounter difficult situations that could impede their academic, personal, and social progress. Our services are designed to help these students address their concerns and increase their self-awareness, while empowering them to manage challenging areas in their lives.


Professional standards of confidentiality are followed by all counseling staff. Information discussed within a counseling relationship will not be disclosed without written permission of the individual. Rare exceptions to this policy exist when confidential information is needed to protect someone's health or safety, or is mandated by law.