Students must make their own appointments at Counseling Services. We do not allow others to make appointments for students.

For initial appointments with Counseling Services, students can call 312-369-8700 to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with a therapist. In most situations students will speak with a therapist within 24 hours, schedules permitting.

Phone consultations take place Monday through Friday. During the brief phone consultation, a therapist will gather information to quickly assess urgency and risk, in addition to matching services based on an individual's needs. The therapist will discuss treatment options and resources available based upon information gathered during the consultation.

Based upon the initial phone consultation, a therapist will recommend one of the following appointment options:

  • Suggest you speak with a therapist immediately
  • Suggest you make an intake appointment within 24-72 hours
  • Suggest a future intake appointment within a short time frame based upon availability
  • Suggest alternative resources off-campus in the community
  • Suggest one of the Counseling Services therapy groups

If you need an interpreter for your counseling appointment, please contact Interpreting Services at 312-369-8296.