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Local Hospitals
Local Pharmacies

CVS Pharmacy
175 West Jackson Boulevard 
(0.41 miles away)

Target – many generic drugs are $4 at Target
1154 South Clark Street
(0.27 miles away)

300 South State Street
(0.35 miles away)


2 East Roosevelt Road
(0.41 miles away)
Get Immunized

Women's Health Resources
STD / HIV Testing
City of Chicago Board of Health STD / HIV Clinics
STD/AIDS Testing Locations
Howard Brown Clinic - GLBT Resources
Allergy Shots
Additional Health Care Resources
The Health Center is a fantastic health care resource, but if you have questions when the center is closed or if you need care not covered by the college Health Center, please research the below websites to gain additional knowledge or information. 

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Medline Plus - National Library of Medicine
Mayo Clinic
Family Doctor

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Other questions...
Do you have questions about mental health, depression, prescription drugs, or how to help a friend who is struggling with these issues? Follow this link for a mental health library, prescription drug database, anonymous Q&A, and suicide prevention information:

Are you concerned about your eating habits?
Do you wonder if you have an eating disorder? Would you like to take a free, anonymous screening for eating disorders? Click here to participate. You will need a password, the password is: COLUMBIACOLLEGECHIC

Resource Information
Suicide Hotline - 1-800-273-TALK