TV Review: Nizi Project

The Student Loop reviews Nizi Project

Are you extremely bored of scrolling through Netflix trying to find a show to watch? Try something new, like Nizi Project! Kpop hitmaker JYP (Jinyoung Park) of JYP Entertainment showcases Japan’s finest wannabe idols in his search to make the next big girl group.

Here’s how it works: he auditions a bunch of Japanese citizens to be in the group, then they go through a bunch of talent based tests to gain clearance in 4 categories to gain 4 corresponding pendants. At the end they’ll perform for JYP in order to obtain the 4th and last pendant then they’ll start training for the group in South Korea! It sounds like a lot, but it’s really entertaining.

If you’re interested in the entertainment industry, this is a pretty interesting show. It’s not extremely scripted, but it is reality tv so expect some Kardashian like interviews and such. The girls involved in the show tell their stories of trying to make it in the industry and how they improve throughout the show, along with commentary on the trials they have to go through to gain the 4 pendants3 needed to get into the group. The show is honestly inspiring, before the pandemic, we students at Columbia were in our fields, living our best life, and trying to follow our dreams through our work, but things have been put on a halt. With shows like these people can find their zest for life again, some inspiration to be hardworking and to never give up on themselves, and I think that’s pretty great.

Rating: 8/10