International Programs

iJet International
Columbia College Chicago is excited to offer all study abroad students access to iJet International, which is a safety program designed to assist you while traveling overseas. You'll have access to Worldcue Traveler, a personal travel website that can provide you with pertinent destination information.

Worldcue Traveler

24/7 International Crisis Hotline
The International Travel Assistance Program also offers the availability of the 24/7 International Crisis Hotline, if you find yourself in an urgent or emergency situation. This Crisis Communication Hotline will put you in touch with a trained iJet Case Officer, who will be able to provide initial assistance and advice pertaining to your specific situation. The Crisis Case Officer will be in immediate contact with Columbia College Chicago, Department of Campus Safety and Security.

This telephone number can be used to assist you with such things as:

Columbia College Chicago International Crisis Hotline: (443) 569-3155