Leadership, Equity, Access, and Diversity


Group type: Campus Resources and Services

Category: Special Interest, Fine and Performing Arts, Identity Based, (Pre) Professional, Faith Based, Media Arts, Recreation / Athletics, Liberal Arts and Sciences


Leadership, Equity, Access, and Diversity (LEAD) seeks to empower the Columbia student community with the resources and knowledge to become leaders in their respective communities while promoting diversity and equity across the campus community, Chicago's south loop and the surrounding community.


LEAD an initiative of Student Life. The office is located near Student Diversity & Inclusion (Building 618, Floor 4, room 405D).

Students, staff, and faculty will be provided with opportunities to network and collaborate to promote equity and access in all aspects of Columbia students' collegiate experiences. There will be access to ongoing LEAD events, professional/personal development resources, and the ability to meet others (student leaders, faculty, staff) across campus and facilitate ongoing dialogue.

LEAD will also establish several initiatives that promote belongingness and access for all students. Some of these initiatives include mentorship & networking programs for men of color, ongoing discussions navigating the current world climate, and collaborative opportunities to showcase passions/talents that promote leadership and diversity.


Office number: (312) 369 - 7886
618 S Michigan, Room 405D
Chicago, IL 60605 United States



For opportunities to collaborate or interest in leadership education workshops - please contact us at  lead@colum.edu. We aim to promote leadership education, while focusing on inclusion and team development. We are willing to come in to staff meetings, trainings, classes, and more.

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