Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make an appointment?

    You can walk in for an immediate appointment (sessions are not guarenteed on a walk-in basis), or stop by to make an appointment with the front desk staff for a future session.

    You can call us at 312-369-8130 to set up an appointment.

    You can also easily set up an appointment based on your own availability through Oasis. First, after you log in, select the "Make Appointments" tab. Then, select the "Academic Center for Tutoring Appointments" link.

  • Is there a time limit for tutoring?

    The limit for a one-on-one tutoring session is 50 minutes. All sessions start at the beginning of the hour.

  • How many times a week can I see a tutor?

    You may see a tutor up to three times per week, with a maximum of two sessions in one day. Special circumstances and / or requests should be made to the front desk staff at the Academic Center for Tutoring.

  • What types of tutors are available?

    Tutors come with a wide variety of specialties. The majority of our tutors are undergraduate students from many of Columbia's majors. We also have graduate students, working professionals, and specialisists (EAL and LD) who tutor in writing skills. Additionally, Science, Math, and writing have tutors who are also adjunct faculty members at the college.  The front desk staff can help you select a tutor who best meets your needs for a given project.

  • Do I need to schedule appointments in advance or can I just walk in and get a tutor?

    We recommend that you make an appointment in advance to secure a tutorial. You may stop in at the top of each hour to see a tutor. However, when we are busy, walk-ins are not always guaranteed to see a tutor.

  • What if I miss my appointment?
    If you are going to miss your appointment it is important that you cancel it as soon as possible. You can do this directly from your Oasis account, by calling the Academic Center of Tutoring at 312-369-8130, or by stopping in. If you do not cancel your appointment(s) ahead of time it may inhibit your ability to make future appointments and/or you may be removed from other advanced appointments you have made.
  • What do I need to bring to my tutoring appointment?

    Students should come fully prepared to their sessions with assignment prompts, texts, any instructor feedback they might have, and the homework itself.

    Find our full list of Tutoring Rights and Responsibilities here.

  • Can I print for free at the Academic Center for Tutoring?

    Printing is only available for students during a tutoring appointment.

  • Are the writing tutors only for writing classes?

    No, you can bring in all kinds of writing. These include essays from any classes or scholarships, artist's statments, poetry, scripts and screenplays, and so forth.  We will have someone who can help you no matter what your project is.

  • Do I have to have a writing project finished when I come in?

    Tutors can help at ALL stages of your writing project. If you are unsure what to write, visit with a writing tutor for brainstorming and outline help. If you are near the end of your writing project and find yourself stuck, a writing tutor will help you get unstuck. Please note that tutors do not simply "fix" papers, however. Students and tutors engage in the process collaboratively.

  • What levels of math are tutored? What levels of science are tutored?

    There are tutors for all levels of math. Commonly, students come in for help from the most basic of math to calculus and beyond. Also, we can tutor all levels of science. We receive many students from a broad range of science classes, varying from Environmental to the Science of Electronics and the Science of Acoustics.

  • What foreign languages are available for tutoring?

    Foreign language tutoring varies by sememster, depending on which course are being offered in the History, Humanities, and Social Sciences Department. If you are taking a language course in the current semester we likely have a tutor for that language on staff. Give us a call at 312-369-8130.

  • Do I need to be a current Columbia student to use the Academic Center for Tutoring?

    No, you can use the Academic Center for Tutoring for up six months after you graduate. Faculty and staff can also use our tutoring services.

  • Does it cost money use the Academic Center for Tutoring?

    Our academic support services are free to Columbia students, faculty, and staff.