Engage Columbia!


Engage Columbia is a new student program designed to help support your involvement and engagement outside the classroom.

A broad variety of Engage Columbia programs will be presented during the first 7 weeks of the fall semester. Events will be scheduled around campus to help you explore campus and build your new community here at Columbia. 

Engage Columbia Incentive Card Program
Want the chance to win scholarship dollars just by attending great programming? Participate in the Engage Columbia Incentive Program!

WE'RE GOING DIGITAL! Download the Columbia College Chicago App by searching your app store or go directly to www.colum.edu/mobile to download. For those without smartphones, sign up sheets will be provided at the events you attend. Make sure you check-in on paper or in the app!

You must attend one event in all 6 categories below to qualify.

The program ends October 11th, 2019 at 3:00pm. Winners will be decided and announced at Columbia Weekend October 18-19th, 2019.

Any students entering Fall 2018 as their first term are allowed to participate in the program.

The grand prizes will be:

  1. $1,500 scholarships
  2. $1,000 scholarships
  3. $500 scholarships

Email newstudents@colum.edu if you have any other questions.

  • Engage Community


    Community events will teach you the importance of student involvement. Events for Community will include: 

  • Engage Resources


    Resource events will focus on areas on campus that provide you with a plethora of academic and support resources. Events will include: open houses and activities hosted by the CBMR, Library Collections, the Learning Studio, the Workroom, and the Fitness Center.

  • Engage Health and Safety


    Health and Safety will provide you with events and tips that will help you stay healthy and safe during your first year at college. Events will include: the Wellness Fair, safety workshops, self-defense workshops and activities.

  • Engage Finance


    Finance will focus on financial and self-management success during your first year at college. This will align with the 2019-20 FAFSA opening date along with multiple academic and financial planning events across campus. You can earn a finance check-in by doing the following:

    • Complete your 2019-20 FAFSA, which will open on October 1. After you submit the FAFSA, simply print the confirmation form and present it with your student ID in the SFS office at 600 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 303 to receive your finance check-in.
    • Attend a scheduled Student Financial Services appointment. Schedule an appointment by calling 312-369-7140 or by chatting live at colum.edu/sfs. Give a friendly reminder to your consultant that you are participating in Engage at the end of the appointment.

    Attend a Finance event below for additional opportunities to earn Finance check-ins.

  • Engage Diversity


    Diversity events will focus on the realities, importance and positivity of a diverse campus and society. Events will be sponsored by Multicultural Affairs’ student organizations, academic departments, lectures and activities.

  • Engage Career


    Career events will highlight your success through internships, networking, service opportunities and portfolio development. Events will feature:

Don’t Forget to Tell Us Who You Are!

Enter the Engage Columbia program by attending events in all 6 catergories. The more events you attend, the more chances you have to win Engage Columbia Scholarships!