Cinema Art + Science

Course content is not the only criteria for students to receive hours for classes completed at another institution. We also look at student learning and experience. Learning cinema is about revisiting many different issues with variations. Often, an area needs to be studied a second and third time before it begins to impact a student’s own creative process. Cinema Art + Science limits the amount of transfer credits accepted towards the major to 15 to 18 credits hours.

Who evaluates transfer courses?
There are some courses from other institutions that may be equivalent to the courses taught in our department. In those cases, Jennifer Albin coordinates the evaluation for those students. Otherwise, the appropriate Program Director, or Coordinator will decide which transfer credits have an equivalent class within Cinema Art + Science course offerings.

Jennifer Albin, Coordinator of Academic Services
1104 S Wabash, Suite 301-E

Student asked to bring:

  • Transcript (or anything that indicates the final grade received in the course)
  • Course syllabus (if a syllabus is not available, then Course description and textbook)

If a student is attempting to receive credit for Screenwriting I (24-1710), they need to provide:

  • 2 short Narrative screenplays (less than 15 pages) in proper screenplay format.
  • A syllabus of the equivalent course you’ve taken that clearly lists all assignments.
  • Transcript that identifies the class taken, and passing grade.

Providing these materials does not guarantee waiving of this course. An appropriately qualified faculty member will review the portfolio and make a final determination whether the class may be waived.

Faculty will respond within two weeks to the student’s request. If accepted, Faculty will record their evaluation on a Course Equivalency, Substitution, or Waiver form. 

Student will receive:
Students are notified via their Columbia email account when an equivalency towards the major is approved.