Creative Writing - Nonfiction

Who evaluates transfer courses?
The Creative Writing - Nonfiction B. A. Program Director and/or Associate Director are responsible for major course transfer decisions.

Josh Young
Director, B. A. Program in Creative Writing-Nonfiction
33 E Congress, Suite 300Z

Student asked to bring:
Students must provide a transcript, a course description (syllabus preferred) and, if possible, a portfolio of writing samples. The Director will evaluate this information in a meeting with the student. Out of town students can provide the information by email and the Director or Associate Director can respond by phone or email.

The Director or Associate Director will respond within 10 business days to the student's request. If the request is approved, the Director or Associate Director will submit an electronic Course Equivalency, Substitution, or Waiver Request form.

Student will receive:
Students are notified via their Columbia email account when an equivalency towards the major is approved.