Interactive Arts and Media

Who evaluates Interactive Arts & Media transfer courses?
The transfer contact is responsible for course transfer decisions for majors in the Interactive Arts and Media Department.

Janell Baxter
Associate Chair, IAM
916 S Wabash Ave, Room 106

General Information:
The IAM department evaluates a student's transcript and transferred classes for the purposes of substitution, equivalency, or waivers for required classes specifically in the student’s intended Major or Minor within the IAM department. The IAM department accepts up to 4 courses (12 credit hours) for transfer into a given Major for classes required in that Major. (Credit hour restrictions may vary for Minors, so please contact the department.) This is separate from any classes transferred in as LAS or General Elective classes.

Please note that for some, but not all, IAM degrees, completion of that degree may take up to six semesters (three years) to complete even if the student transfers in 60 credit hours of Liberal Arts and Sciences classes. Completion of those particular degrees for an incoming transfer student in less than six semesters depends on transferring in key initial courses that vary with the degree. Please contact the transfer coordinator (listed above) for more information.

Student Evaluation Requirements:
As part of the evaluation process, students provide a current transcript, a copy of the syllabus for each transferred class from when the student took that class, as well as a portfolio or work samples related to that class, as appropriate. If the student is local to the Columbia campus the IAM transfer coordinator may arrange for a face-to-face interview. Out-of-town students can provide the required information by mail, fax, or email and the transfer coordinator may elect to arrange a phone or video conference interview if needed. Please contact the transfer coordinator (listed above) with any questions on what material is needed and how it should be provided.

The transfer coordinator responds within ten business days to the student’s request with either an evaluation recommendation, a request for more information, or an interview request. 

Student will receive:
Students are notified via their Columbia email account when an equivalency towards the major is approved.