Who evaluates Music Department music transfer courses?
Authorized Music faculty are responsible for music course transfer decisions. The Chair is the arbiter in the case of a dispute.

Becky Harlow, Academic Coordinator, Music
1014 S Michigan Ave, Suite 322

Rosita Sands, Acting Chair
1014 S Michigan Ave, Suite 311

All incoming students (transfer and first-year) must complete the Beginning Music Theory Assessment before their assigned orientation date. The results of this assessment will be used to place students at the appropriate level in the music core curriculum. Transfer coursework in other areas of music is evaluated by a review of the student’s transcript.

Student should:

  • Complete the online Beginning Music Theory Assessment. The assessment requires a code for access; email Becky Harlow, Music Academic Coordinator, at for a personalized access code and instructions for completing the assessment.
  • Pending Music Theory Assessment scores, prepare for further assessment in keyboard. For those students whose primary performance area is guitar or voice, prepare for further assessment in the appropriate area.

Evaluation of music courses will take place within six weeks of completion of the Music Theory Assessment.

Student will receive:
Students are notified via their Columbia email account when an equivalency towards the major is approved.