Who evaluates Radio transfer courses?
The chair of the Radio department is responsible for radio course transfer decisions.

Marssie Mencotti
33 E Congress, Suite 700
312-369-8007 fax

Student asked to bring:
Students must provide a transcript and a syllabus. For specific consideration for WCRX-FM or advanced radio classes, an air check or demo (on CD, as an mp3 or on a flash drive) may be requested. The faculty will evaluate this information in a meeting with the student. Out of town students can provide the information by mail or fax and faculty can respond by phone, letter, or e-mail.

Faculty will respond within 10 business days to the student's request. Faculty will record their evaluation on the online Course Equivalency, Substitution, and Waiver Form..

Student will receive:
Students are notified via their Columbia email account when an equivalency towards the major is approved.