Registration takes place two times each year for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Continuing students, both undergraduate and graduate, register on the OASIS system in the preceding semester. Detailed information, including registration appointment times, is sent through the official college email prior to each registration period. Registration takes place in April for the Summer and Fall semesters, and November for the Spring semester (including J-Session). New incoming undergraduate students register at orientation, held in June/July for Fall and January for the Spring semester. Non-degree seeking students register after continuing degree-seeking students.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 312-369-7769 with any additional questions.

Registration FAQs

  • When is registration?
    Registration takes place prior to each semester.  Registration occurs in April for the Fall and Summer semesters and November for the Spring semester. Registration begin dates as well as add/drop/withdrawal deadlines can be found on our Registration Dates page.
  • How do I know when to register?
    Every currently enrolled student, both undergraduate and graduate, is sent an email with their registration day and time. This is the first time a student can log on to OASIS and register. Undergraduate registration times are determined by the number of earned credits plus courses in progress for the current semester. You can register anytime after your assigned time, until registration closes for the semester. Graduate students are all eligible to register on the day registration opens. Non-degree students register after continuing degree-seeking students. 
  • How long do I have to register?
    Registration closes at the end of the first week of classes of the Fall and Spring semesters for the 15 week session. Summer registration closing dates are determined by subsession. Once registration closes, you can no longer add classes or change course sections. For all these dates, please see our Registration Dates page.
  • Where is the schedule of classes?
    The course schedule can be viewed on OASIS  - Click on the Students Tab, and then on Course Schedule in the CX-Student Enrollment portlet.
  • What if I can't log on to Oasis?
    Please contact Client Services for help logging into Oasis.
  • How do I find out who my college advisor is?
    College advisors are assigned based on major and concentration. A college advisor is assigned to you when you enroll at Cloumbia College, and the assignment may change if you change your major or concentration. Your advisor's name will be on the top of your academic record on OASIS, in the STUDENTS tab. You can also view the list of College Advisors on the web.
  • What is a registration hold and how can I find out if I have one?

    A registration hold prevents you from registering. You can check for a hold on OASIS. Go to the Student tab, Student Profile Portlet, and click on Holds.

    Registration holds include the following:

    • Immunization Hold: You are required to submit immunization records. Please see our Immunization page for details, or contact the Office of the Registrar at or 312-369-7769.
    • High School Transcript Hold: You are required to submit your final high school transcript to the Office of Admissions, 600 S. Michigan Avenue, room 301.
    • SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Hold: You are currently out of academic compliance with Columbia’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Log into your Oasis account and complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Notification process. This process is found under the Students tab of Oasis in the Online Forms section.
    • CAC (College Advising Center) Hold:  You are required to meet with the College Advising Center to discuss your current academic status and the College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. To make an appointment with your Academic Advisor, visit the “Make Appointments” tab in Oasis or call the front desk at 312-369-7645. Students can also visit the College Advising Center as a walk-in during regular business hours at 623 S. Wabash, in Suite 300.
    • SFS (Student Financial Services) Hold: Your account is past due. You must either pay any portion of your bill that is not covered by secured financial aid or third-party payments, or establish an automated payment plan by 10/15/16. Click here to view more about the payment plan. Please chat live at, call 866-705-0200, or visit the Student Financial Services Office at 600 S. Michigan, room 300 for assistance.
    • Dean of Students Hold: Please visit the Dean of Students Office for details at 623 S. Wabash, room 301.
  • How do I drop or withdraw from a class?
    Sign on to Oasis and click the radio button next to the class, and then click the drop button. Withdrawal dates for each semester can be found on our Registration Dates page. If you can't drop or withdraw on Oasis, you can come into the Office of the Registrar, 600 S Michigan, room 611 and fill out the proper form.
  • What if I want to change my major?

    See a college advisor in the College Advising Center at 623 S Wabash, Suite 300, or stop by the Office of the Registrar at 600 S. Michigan, Room 611.

    Please note that it is not necessary to update your major prior to registering for classes.

  • Why do I have to update my emergency information every semester?
    The college wants to be sure we have your current information so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • I don't see the answer to my question here, whom should I call?
    The Office of the Registrar is in charge of registration. The office is located at 600 S Michigan, room 611 and the phone number is (312) 369-7769. You can also send an email to