Apostille Services

When you need a transcript or diploma for use in another country, the authorities in that country may require your documents be certified by Columbia and authenticated by the State. You will need to have the Office of the Registrar certify and sign the document in the presence of a Notary Public, who notarizes that statement. Then you will have to bring the notarized transcript or diploma to the Secretary of State’s office for an Apostille or Certificate of Authority.

If you require this service, please contact the Office of the Registrar to make an appointment at registrar@colum.edu or 312-369-7769. The Office of the Registrar will coordinate with a notary to make sure one is available.  Please bring your documents to be certified and notarized with you to your appointment. After that, you are responsible for finishing the process with the Secretary of State’s Office to authenticate the documents.

Please refer to the Illinois Secretary of State website for further information.