Graduation Audit Process

Your graduation audits are performed by degree evaluators in the Office of the Registrar. In order to be audited for graduation, you must complete a graduation application, located on the Students tab of Oasis. During your audit, your degree evaluator uses your advising guide on Oasis to determine your progress towards completing your degree. Students are encouraged to check their advising guide on Oasis to monitor their own progress.
Your evaluator will conduct an initial degree audit while your last semester is still in progress. You will receive notice via your Loop email indicating whether you are on track to complete your degree by the end of the semester.
Once all your final grades are posted, your evaluator will conduct a final degree audit to determine if you have completed your degree requirements. Students who complete requirements will have their degree posted to their Columbia transcript. Provided you have no financial holds on your account, your diploma will be ordered and mailed directly to you.
You will be notified of your graduation status via your Loop email once it has been determined.
Information on the graduation commencement ceremony can be found here.