Services for Students with Disabilities

Faculty Information


Important news for faculty:

We are excited to announce our new accommodation and registration process, which is effective for the Fall 2020 semester!


Electronic Accommodation Letters:

Student accommodation letters will be sent electronically to you to your official Columbia email. Students no longer have the burden of handing a physical copy to you before accommodations begin. The accommodations begin when the email is sent to you, so please check your email daily. The accommodation letters have a very different look. Please read them and contact us with any questions.


Note taker accommodation updated:

If peer notetaker is listed on the accommodation letter, the specific instructions for you are now included on the accommodation letter. Please read the script to the class asking for a volunteer, even if your class is a web or hybrid class. When a student volunteers, direct them to our new website to fill out their information on the “Notetakers Wanted!” section (accessible at . We will take it from there! As always, do NOT tell the notetaker the identity of the person needing the notes. We arrange for the anonymous exchange of notes.


SSD Website Update:

You are here, so check it out! Students can now apply for services online (accessible at We will continue to update the website and will be adding some valuable information for faculty and staff as well.


Here to support you:

We anticipate that there will be many questions about accommodations, our new accommodation letter process, students with challenges, and more. As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Looking forward to working with you,

Services for Students with Disabilities | 312 369-8296