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Welcome to Columbia and the Asian Student Organization (ASO)--the place to be when in search of your creative ohana (family)!

Ohana is our motto in ASO and in the office of Asian American Cultural Affairs; we're comrades working to bridge cultural gaps and build solidarity with each other.

We hope to work, love, and support you in all your life's endeavors.

Asian Student Organization (ASO) Meetings
Every Tuesday, 5:30pm
Multicultural Affairs | 618 S. Michigan Ave., 4th floor

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2014 ASO E-board President-DK

Damaly "D.K." Keo | President

Major: Advertising Art Direction

Fun Fact: I am a warrior healer with Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

2014 ASO E-board Vice President-K'ea Times

K'ea Times | Vice President

Major: Vocal Performance

Fun fact: My dream is to become the first tetra-racial K-Pop artist. I want to sing in Korea because I love the music and the culture. This is one of the reasons why I joined Asian student organization.

2014 ASO E-board Secretary-Leilani Do

Leilani Do | Secretary

Major: Game Art

Fun Fact: I enjoy meeting new people. That's how I got involved with ASO. Ramona emailed me and I was really interested so I showed up. Next thing I know I have a second family and am apart of E-board.

2014 ASO E-board Multimedia Manager-Daniel Thao

Daniel Thao | Multimedia Manager

Major: Music Composition

Fun fact: I was, I am, I will always have… a mustache. But actually, I like to shave it whenever it gets too furry because I look better that way. Same thing goes for ASO, we look better when not hiding under a thick bush.

2014 ASO E-board Creative Director-Jasmine Hart

Jasmine Hart | Creative Director

Major: Animation

Fun Fact: I am Filipino-American, so I can relate to other Asian Americans and Filipinos in various ways. I know the stereotypes, have been stereotyped and branded "that smart Asian," and actually fit some of them. That doesn't mean I condone all of them though. Everyone is unique and has their own story to share.

2014 ASO E-board SOC Rep-Taylor Price

Taylor Price | SOC Rep

Major: Theater Acting & Management

Fun fact: I love learning about things outside of my "world" and figuring out how people think. After getting into anime and kpop I was interested learning about Asian culture and when I found out ASO I joined and have loved it ever since because I have meet so many people with similar interest.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association

Columbia College Chicago Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CCC-CSSA) is a student organization dedicated to promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Chinese students and scholars at Columbia College Chicago as well as interested members in the CCC community. It strives to provide opportunities and benefits for its members by facilitating exchange of information between China and Chinese students studying abroad and by defending the rights of its members on campus and in the United States. CCC-CSSA encourages all, especially incoming, Chinese students and scholars at Columbia College Chicago to join our organization and participate in our activities. 

Join us at our meetings every Thursday from 5pm - 7pm at 618 S. Michigan 4th floor.

Connect with us on WeChat or email us at!


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