Travel Outside the United States

If you are planning to travel out of the United States, you may drop off your I-20 year-round. Please drop off your documents to our office, 618 S. Michigan, during operating hours; a drop box is located outside the ISSS office. It will be signed and ready for you to pick up in usually a week, but it can take a few weeks during high travel periods (for example, close to the end of each semester).

We suggest dropping off your travel documents for a signature one month before your intended date of travel. As a general rule, you would need a new signature on your travel document every six months. 

Please note that you cannot re-enter the United States without a recent signature. 

For more information regarding traveling to and from the United States as an international student and other US government visa policies and procedures, please visit the State Department's visa information website.

If you require a letter, or “Verification of Enrollment” to support your visa or other immigration-related processes, please fill out the following form.  You will receive an email when your letter is ready to be picked up.

Request a verification letter