Student Veterans


Space - Student Diversity & Inclusion is spacious and fully furnished with a study area, lounge, TV and staff on hand to assist students.

·         P: 312-369-7569

·         Student Diversity & Inclusion - 618 S. Michigan, 4th Floor


Benefits - Paul Loretto at Student Financial Services, as you know, is well versed in all benefits and programs offered to you as a veteran. If you have any questions, Paul will surely have answers.

·         Paul Loretto, Coordinator of Special Programs

·         P: 312-369-8791

·         E:

·         Student Financial Services - 600 S Michigan, Suite 303

·         For assistance visit:


Career Center - You are welcome to visit Michael Goode or any career counselor for guidance. The staff at the Career Center is able to support students’ unique experiences in resume writing, portfolio development and creating a career plan.

·         Michael Goode, Career Development Coordinator

·         P: 312-369-6955

·         E:

·         Career Center - 618 S Michigan, 1st Floor

·         To book an appointment visit:


VA Assistance - As in the past, if you have other inquiries regarding VA medical benefits, you are welcome to contact Dr. Holly Passi of the VITAL program at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. She provides assistance to student veterans at several colleges in the city and is a great resource. 

·         Dr. Holly M. Passi, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

·         E:

·         Jesse Brown VA Medical Center - VITAL Veterans Outreach Program, OEF/OIF/OND Post Deployment Clinic



Student Organizations & Leadership (SOL) - At the time of this message being sent, there is not a recognized student org representing veterans or the like. If you have any questions on starting one, please visit with the staff at SOL at the Loft learn more.

·         P: 312-369-6924

·         E:

·         916 S Wabash, 4th Floor - The Loft, - Hours: M-Th, 9 - 6p and 9-5 on Fridays