Button Making Guidelines & Templates


  • Individual students can make up to 50 buttons per semester
  • Recognized student organizations can make up to 150 buttons per semester
  • If you have a large group coming in to make buttons, please email the Makerspace at makerspace@colum.edu with a proposed date and time so we can be sure to accommodate you
  • You may not sell buttons made using the Makerspace’s materials. If you plan to sell your buttons, you may use the Makerspace’s button makers, but you must provide your own materials.

Makerspace Button Making Instructions:

  • Download the template for the size of buttons you want to make
  • Pay particular attention to the measurements in the template and size your images accordingly. Images and text that fall inside the dashed circle will appear on the front of the button; the space between the inner dashed line and the outer solid line will fold around to the back of the button.
  • The button templates are 8.5” x 11”. If you resize this page, your button images will be the wrong size.
  • Option 1 for setting up your template: Open an InDesign file that is 8.5” x 11”. Drag and drop the .pdf button template into the file, but do not resize the .pdf. Drag and drop your images onto the template. If you decrease the opacity if your images, it is easier to see the button template beneath and center your images correctly over each circle. Once you have placed your images where you want them, increase the opacity so that the button template doesn’t show through.
  • Option 2 for setting up your template: Open a Word document and drop your images into the document. Size your images using the button template measurements as a reference. Make sure there is enough space between your images to make cutting easier.
  • Print your finished button templates on regular printer paper (card stock is too thick for the button makers)
  • Use the Makerspace’s circle cutters to cut your button images; this will ensure they are the perfect size for our button makers
  • Makerspace staff will instruct you on how to use the button makers

Button Templates:

1” button template

1.5” button template

2.25” button template


Visit the Makerspace at 754 S. Wabash Ave, 2nd floor, or contact us at 312-369-7877 or makerspace@colum.edu.