Nicole Carroll: SGA President

Published on Sep 10, 2013
Photo by Kat SilversteinPhoto by Kat Silverstein

Meet your student body president, Nicole Carroll. Yeah, she represents you, but she’s also one of you. A junior in fiction writing with a minor in teaching as an artist, Carroll is a creative Columbian with aspirations to use her writing to connect to underserved youth. I guess service is just part of her personality. Lucky us!  

What's your responsibility as president?

 As President, I oversee all the work being done by SGA's executive board and senate. I serve as the official spokesperson for the organization and act as a liaison between SGA and the administration by meeting with college officials as necessary. Along with the executive board and senate, I strive to address the issues facing our student body and serve the college to the best of my ability.  

Why did you choose Columbia?

When I was in the Gallery 37 Writing Program my senior year of high school, two of my instructors were teachers in the Columbia FictionWriting program. In that program, I learned more about writing and what I wanted to do with my life than I ever had before. I decided to come to Columbia to pursue my dream of being a writer and have not regretted it thus far.  

What’s been your favorite/most valuable class you’ve taken so far and why?

Prose Forms with Chris Deguire this past semester challenged me to write about my personal life experiences and not censor myself. I also learned more about my process as a writer. I grew as both a person and writer throughout that class.

What do you hope to do after school?

After I finish my degree at Columbia, I hope to attend a creative writing graduate program on the West coast.  Following graduate school, I would like to work as an instructor in an after-school creative writing program for children and teenagers.

What’s your favorite place to eat on campus?

Thai Spoon: Cheap and the servings are big enough to share!