Nina Stockman

Published on Oct 07, 2013
Photo by Genia BaidaPhoto by Genia Baida

After having a “what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life” moment her freshman year, senior fashion major Nicole Stockman discovered her true calling: weddings. “The idea of becoming a wedding planner, or at least somehow involving myself in the bridal industry, was incredibly appealing. I made an appointment with my advisor and switched my major from fashion design to fashion business. The rest is history.”

Tell us about your internship.

I’ve been working at I Do, Too! Bridal for about a year and a half now. I have already had so many opportunities to expand my network even though I’ve only been with them for a relatively short time. With my internship, I attend the National Bridal Market here in Chicago twice a year with my boss and co-workers where I act as a buyer and have the chance to meet with people who run the bridal industry from the top. Furthermore, this internship has taught me how to interact with clients, work as a consultant, create visual merchandising displays and manage social media on a professional basis.

Nina Stockman at her bridal internship.What is your career plan for after Columbia?

After I graduate, I want to move to California to work for the Walt Disney Company in some aspect. If I could work in their costuming department or the ‘Fairytale Weddings’ division, I’d be just ecstatic. That’s my dream!

In what ways has Columbia helped your work?

Many of my fashion classes showed me what I should be looking for when it comes to internships in terms of appropriate levels of responsibility and relevance to my career goals. 

What’s been your favorite/most valuable class you’ve taken at Columbia so far? Why?

The most beneficial class I’ve taken has been garment construction back when I was still a design major. I’d already had several years of sewing experience at the time, but that course taught me a lot of new techniques to use that I hadn’t previously taught myself. Fashion product evaluation was also an extremely useful class. It taught me skills that I can use when attending the National Bridal Market. I also loved my accounting and finance courses because Angelo Luciano is just the best professor in the world. 

What is your favorite place to shop?

Does walking around Burberry and crying over everything I can’t afford count as shopping? In all seriousness, I really enjoy going to Blick’s and just wandering around the store. Something about being surrounded by art supplies is inspiring and always makes me want to start creating. 

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