Social Media Do's and Don'ts for the Job Hunt

Published on Oct 21, 2013

It’s the 21st century and social media is everywhere. However, it’s not just for you and your friends anymore. These days, the minute you have an interview or potential job opportunity, your future boss will likely look you up online and see what they can find. Scary, right? But, you can actually craft an online presence that helps your career. Here are the top Do’s and Don’ts to use social media to leverage your job-hunt.

Do Use Social Media Wisely

  • DO start by doing a quick Google search on yourself. What comes up? If there’s anything you are slightly unsure about, set it to private or delete it. Repeat: set your social and personal communications to private!      
  • DO post links that involve the industry you want to be involved in your public social media feeds, like LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep your professional profile current. No longer working as a sales associate at McD’s? Then take it off. Prob want to take that one off anyway, unless you’re looking to go into food services.
  • DO follow your mentors! Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect opportunities to keep current with the people who inspire you most. Connect with them, retweet them, and give yourself a professional presence.
  • DO make and USE a LinkedIn profile. You can search for jobs while jobs search for you. Make sure you post links to your work, whether it is on Talent Pool, Virb, Flickr, or even a blog on Tumblr. 

Don’t Overshare Online

  • DON’T post ANYTHING about politics, religion, or personal drama. Keep your private issues and debates private. Also in the privacy categoryyour address, phone number, and personal information. You already knew this though, right?
  • DON’T post without thinking about the appropriateness level. Even Pinterest has boundaries. The board of “Thirsty Thursday” is probably not going to help your job hunt.
  • DON’T assume that private settings mean everything is private. Log into your social media sites as a random user and see what you can access on your page. Keep in mind that even if your information and updates are hidden that profile picture of you from spring break in Vegas last year is NOT.
  • DON’T post photos of yourself doing anything unseemly or looking unprofessional. That means no revealing outfits, drinking poses, swim suit shots or silly stuff. You can still post that stuff to your private social network, okay?

These tips should keep your various social media profiles professional and helpful for your job hunt. If you have questions about your posts and pictures, feel free to make an appointment at the Portfolio Center to double check. There are plenty of people who can ensure you that your career is off to a picture perfect start!