Student Spotlight: Brock Burczyk ('16)

Published on Aug 29, 2014
Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)

Brock Burczyk (’16)


Brock Burczyk (’16) hones his creative voice by collaborating in comedy productions.

Brock Burczyk (’16) has his hands on many different projects at Columbia College Chicago. In spring 2014, the Television Writing and Producing major worked on FreqOut, Columbia College's annual SNL-style sketch show that takes place at the end of the semester.

“This year was really exciting because almost every department in Columbia was involved in it,” says Burczyk. Students designed costumes; edited pretaped sketches; and wrote, directed and acted in the massive collaboration.

“It was a great experience because it was the first time I saw a huge group of people coming together for one night making a live sketch show,” he says. “I was excited that, for the first time, I was working with people who were just as passionate about the same things as I was.”

Something's Sketchy

One of Burczyk’s side projects is a YouTube sketch comedy show called Wisconsinuts that he created with his co-writer, roommate and best friend Joel Boyd (’15). Before coming to Columbia, the two met at ComedySportz improv theater in Milwaukee, Wis., and teamed up to create weekly videos.

Burczyk says Wisconsinuts is his greatest accomplishment so far because the pair was able to adapt to changing cameramen and work within tight writing schedules. The show also helped him grow as a writer by collaborating with Boyd to create the production’s unique voice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Burczyk appreciates the fact that so much learning takes place outside of the Columbia classroom.

“The teachers make you go outside and work on projects, and it teaches you to not only manage your time with your schoolwork, but to find the time to make whatever you're coming here for happen for yourself,” he says.

Burczyk says the teachers also help students become knowledgeable in all fields relating to their industry instead of just having a hyper focus. That way, Burczyk says, “you can be a jack-of-all-trades in everything.”