Kick Start the Year at the Portfolio Center

Published on Sep 09, 2014
Student attends Center Center Job FairStudent attends Center Center Job Fair

Need help revising your resume? Want to get started with Talent Pool and Virb but don’t know how?

The Career Center is a collection of creative industry professionals, educators, and facilitators dedicated to assisting students as they create pathways to good work.

As the one-stop-center for navigating your career, The Career Center offers a plethora of opportunities and outlets for students to explore resources, build your portfolio, and find a job.

Explore Your Resources

Whether you’re looking for a job on-campus, or for an internship to further your career, by the Career Center offers resume guides, career and intern search tips, and one-on-one appointments.

These one-on-one appointments are here to help current students and recent graduates for up to six months post-graduation.

Appointments are 30 minutes long, and walk-ins are 10-15 minutes long. To schedule an appointment, you can call the Career Center at 312-369-7280 or log into Oasis and click on the Make Appointments tab.

During these appointments you can have your resume spot checked, get employment assistance including career exploration and mock interviews, and receive assistance and feedback on your online portfolios.

Build Your Portfolio

The Career Center offers a number of unique services to help promote your body of work to connect you with industry professionals and fellow students.

Virb is a portfolio website building platform that allows users to seamlessly promote themselves and their work. Because they have partnered with the Career Center, it’s free for the first 12 months for all current Columbia students, faculty, and staff. After the six-month period, account owners will have the option to continue his or her Virb account at a special discounted rate of $8/month.

Talent Pool is an online database designed to showcase your work to potential employers and fellow students for collaboration. Creating a Talent Pool profile makes you and your work more visible to the world. Your profile is a snapshot of who you are, what your work is like, and what opportunities you desire.

Workshops and More!

Besides from one-on-one appointment sessions, the Career Center offers many workshops throughout the year that help current students develop their online presence, meet industry professionals, and create multi-platform portfolios that accurately and successfully reflect their body of work.

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