Student Spotlight: Jennifer Boylen ('15)

Published on Aug 29, 2014
Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)

Jennifer Boylen (’15)

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurship major Jennifer Boylen (’15) gains valuable music industry experience through internships and regular writing gigs.

As a Business & Entrepreneurship major pursuing a minor in Public Relations, Jennifer Boylen (15) has taken advantage of Columbia College Chicago’s connections to gain experience in the music industry.

She's a regular columnist at Highlight Magazine, a monthly online music publication that aims to highlight artists' stories, musical genres and the ever-changing musical community. Plus, she secured an internship with the 2014 Chicago International Movies & Music Festival (CIMMFest), an opportunity she discovered through the Business & Entrepreneurship Department's internship program.

“All of the CIMMFest films are about music,” Boylen says. “There are also lots of live music events, with tons of awesome local bands.”

She says that 2014 was CIMMFest's biggest year yet, and it will only grow from there.

“The goal is to be the South by Southwest of Chicago,” says Boylen.

The Columbia Experience

Columbia was always Boylen’s first choice for schools.

“I visited state schools, and it never felt right. It felt like I was being forced to go there rather than choosing to go there, and Columbia just felt like a good fit,” she says.

Her peers are another key component of what makes Columbia College unique.

“We've got people from all over with totally different backgrounds, all different styles,” says Boylen. “I bring friends down here a lot, and even they say that people who go to Columbia are like no one else, in the best way.”