Vote for the Manifest 2015 Creative Director

Published on Oct 28, 2014

1. Monique Doron '17


"In creating the overall design I wanted to portray something more modern, futuristic even. I wanted to incorporate geometric shapes and the use of straight line work. To portray "Focus" I wanted to portray the idea that Columbia students are always planning forward and perfecting the way they present their work. Hence the framing of hands in the poster. I also wanted to create a design that imitated the way photographers manually focus their lenses within the poster design and the star. Columbia students are always focused on perfecting their craft at hand, all while keeping in mind the bigger picture of their dreams and aspirations." 

2. Kailey Roth '16


"In my design of the Manifest star I kept it simple with line work. The star is broken into different shapes that all come together to make the star, similar to how Manifest is made up of, not only ethnic diversity but also creative diversity. The simplicity makes it very versatile for a t-shirt as well as social media posts. The poster represents Focus, the points of the star all lead down to the word Manifest, reinforcing their synonymous meaning. It also focuses down into the city which is where we are located. The city placed above Manifest represents the urban city we live, coexist, and create in. Overall, the design is edgy for from the simplicity and the use of line work and the colors chosen give the design high contrast. For the Manifest Urban Arts Festival campaign I believe it should focus on why Manifest is there, the students. It should be spotlights on the students who are graduating. I think it should be a combination of photography and line work design which would add this sense of depth and interest in the advertisements as well as the social media posts."

3. Savannah Wisham '15


"When I thought of the word focus one of the ideas I was drawn to were magnifying glasses. The object itself helps clarify anything that it sees and I feel that Columbia does the same for us as students, to help us focus our visions and give us a clear direction for our futures. I then modified the idea of a magnifying glass to represent the diversity of the student body's interests and majors. From paint brushes, hammers, drum sticks, rulers, pens, brushes, and thread I wanted to shine light on the variety of skills found here at Columbia. I gave the star dimension to reflect the different facets of our school. I felt that creating this design out of paper and photographing it would also embody other skills that Columbia has given me besides my usual use of the adobe suites for graphic design."

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